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Thursday, March 16, 2006

The luntime stroll

I so desperately needed to get out of the office today, and decided to take a stroll. The winds made it not such a great day to wander the Meadowlands today, but it was still refreshing. The first I noticed along my way is something I should have known having worked down in this are before, but completely slipped my mind. They have PICNIC AREAS set up in various spots around the buildings. Now with my wireless access, guess where I am going to be spending my luntimes this summer!

The other thing I decided to visit during this walk was the gym that is in the area. I was told, that it is in the building "directly behind ours." Cool I thought, I will just take a stroll over there and check things out. I have a 10 free trial membership, so I figured why not. So I headed out, walked across the parking lot towards the building that housed the gym. But as I drew closer, I realized that a rather vital piece of information had been omitted by the person that informed me of the proximity of the gym. I did mention I work in an area called the "Meadowlands" right? There is of course a reason for this. Lots of marshes, little streams and the like are EVERYWHERE. Everywhere would include running directly between our office building and the building where the gym is. As it turns out, not all that horrible, it is about 1/2 mile to walk around to the gym. If I can't walk the 1/2 a mile, I have no business being in the gym to begin with. It does wreak a bit of havoc with trying to fit it in at lunch time, but overall, not an insurmountable problem.

Now if I can only get Starbucks to open a store down in this swamp I will be all set.

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