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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Difference between Moms and Dads

(Well one of them anyway)

TheKid comes home from school yestereday. She informs me that she needs to tell me a "funny" story. She recants how SchoolMate's (a boy) mom goes to some play where she takes off all her clothes and shakes her "booties." At this point she starts laughing hysterically, and I offer not much more the a stunned, "Excuse me?"

She goes on to inform me that SchoolMate mistakenly though "these" (pointing to her chest) was "booties." Now I realize she probably heard it wrong and SchoolMate probably said Boobies. But I certainly was NOT going to correct her, "No honey, she shakes her naked BOOBIES... " Nope. Wasn't happening.

Now here is when the differences come in, when I related this story to DietCokeWife, she asked, "Do you think there is a way we can get LatteGirl to not have anything to do with SchoolMate anymore?" Now of course this was much different than my line of thinking which was, "Do you think she can find out where SchoolMate's mom works?"

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