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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Someone get Oliver Stone on the horn

In something that seems more like it is a page out of some movie of the week, after his conviction, but before he can be made to pay restitution or maybe even do something like write a tell all book about what really went on in those Engery meetings with Vice President Cheny, Ken Lay ("KennyBoy" as he is known by President Bush, who of course "Didn't know" Lay once he was convicted) was found dead of (undiagnosed) heart disease.

In what smacks of a conspiracy theorist dream, conveniently Lay was found dead on Monday (presumably early morning) and conveniently by Wednesday (after a quick break for the 4th of July celebrations and slow news day), the autopsy was done and "definitively" declared a Heart Attack.

So, in order to get ahead of the conspiracy theorists, I have a couple of ideas of claims that can be made. What do you think?

A. Ken Lay was whacked by the Bush administation to ensure he stays quiet.
B. Key Lay was offed by a family member to make it difficult for the govt to try and recover the $43 million they said Lay owed.
C. Ken Lay is really alive and well somewhere on an extradition free island in the Carribean
D. Ken is dead... just let the man (rest in peace/roast in hell)
E. Who the hell is Ken Lay?

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