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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Latte Man on Ice

As they same, time heals all wounds. And being a day futher away from our ice skating escapades, I am now able to deal with and write about it.

First I will say, it is probably not as bad as I felt at the time. First off, I only fell one time, which when you couple the fact that I haven't been on skates in better than 18 months, was never what you would call "graceful" even when I was on top of my skating, and attempting to hold up a 5 year old whose skating grew worse as her poor little legs started to get tired, is really quite a feat itself.

I made one not serious error in judgement, and that was opting for the thicker blade "figure skate" as opposed to going with the "hockey blade" I am more accustomed to because I thought it would be safer to go with the duller blade style, especially when skating near the little one. I also for some reason expected it to be easier to skate with this wider blade. It wasn't. It was uncomfortable, and the figure skates do not come with the wider shoe widths that the hockey skates do. Despite getting skates a full size too big, it was still so small width wise that after about 15 minutes my foot was so squished it started to go numb. This of course does nothing to improve your skating abilities.

So while I was extremely worried about my ankle it held up remarkably well. My back was quite sore as were my legs afterwards, but if we start to make this a regular thing, those will eventually stop being a problem. It certainly served as a grim lesson of just how out of shape I am. I have always been heavy, but not out of shape per se. I guess being 40 is starting to catch up with me and I am going to have to commit more to getting and staying in shape.

We found a Parent/Tot Lesson Program which LatteGirl and DietCokeWife are interested in. I told them we would go a few more times, and if they still really wanted the lessons (the next lessons start in March so there is time before registration closes), then they could take the lessons, and I would attend the open skate at the same time so we could still sort of make it a family outting. (They wanted me to take the lessons with them, but at $150 per person, since I already know how to skate, I would prefer to not spend the extra money).

Overall, a fantasic and enjoyable experience was had by all. At least this time. We shall see what the future holds.

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