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Monday, November 14, 2005

Please and Thank You: Part I

I have a strong desires to make the world a better place, "one person at a time." Part of my plan, is always being courteous. I have tried to instill this in my daughter, and this story which took place this past October tells me that I am getting through.

I took LatteKid Trick O' Treating Halloween Night. (She got two separate chances to load up on candy, in the afternoon with DietCokeWife and at night with me).

We get to one House, and while the lady there answered the door, and was handing out candy, she looked none to pleased doing so. The exchange went something like this:

Kid: "Trick or Treat"

Lady: "Here ya go"

Kid: "Thank You!"

Lady: incoherent mumbling

Kid: "The proper response is, 'You're Welcome'"

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